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Twentytwo13 comprises a multi-award winning team with decades of experience in journalism, bringing you insights on issues that matter to the people.




Haresh Deol


Haresh Deol has spent 21 years in the newsroom. He is a two-time winner of the prestigious Malaysian Press Institute award and seven-time Sportswriters Association of Malaysia award winner. Haresh can be reached at haresh.deol@twentytwo13.my or on Twitter @HareshDeol.


Pearl Lee

Managing Editor

Pearl Lee has been involved in news and investigative journalism throughout her 16-year career. She is a two-time winner of the prestigious Malaysian Press Institute award. Connect with her via email at pearl.lee@twentytwo13.my or on Twitter @pearllee22.


Graig Nunis

Executive Editor

Graig Nunis has been in the media and PR line for 25 years. He worked for the mainstream media and contributed to wire agencies and sports portals. The Liverpool devotee can be reached at gnunis@twentytwo13.my or on Twitter @gnunis1892.


Haris Hussain

Senior Copy Editor

Haris Hussain has spent the last 32 years perfecting his craft. This co-winner of the prestigious Malaysian Press Institute Kajai award in 2014 is happiest when he is in a cockpit of an airplane.


Amar Qastellani

Creative Editor

Amar Qastellani has spent years practicing and experimenting with photography and graphic design inside and outside newsrooms. He can be reached at qastellani@twentytwo13.my.


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