Getting youths involved in sustainable energy

More youngsters should be involved in sustainable energy and capitalise on its long-term advantages.

Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) chief executive officer Datuk Hamzah Hussin said youths were key to securing sustainability for our future generations.

“Realising the impact of youths in advocating for sustainable energy and climate action, SEDA has initiated several programmes to educate today’s youths on the importance of sustainable energy for Malaysia’s next generation.”

Hamzah said the programmes were aligned with one of the tasks mandated to SEDA in the five strategic thrusts under the National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan.

This is to develop an action plan to create greater acceptance and participation by the general public and the private sector towards the sustainable energy programmes managed by SEDA.

“The Sustainable Energy E-Leaning Development (SEDA SEED) was introduced in 2020 as a dedicated online sustainable energy educational digital programme with a combination of educational videos, quizzes, mini seminars on renewable energy with students as speakers, and tutorial sessions on renewable energy projects.

“SEDA organised the SEDA SEED programme in association with the Malaysian Association of Creativity and Innovation and STEM 4 All Makerspace Malaysia,” said Hamzah.

He underlined that for the year 2020, SEDA had combined both SEDA SEED 2020 activities with the National Science Week.

“The SEDA SEED programme was continued in 2021 to reach out to more students on the importance of sustainable energy, grooming and empowering them to advocate sustainable energy within their schools, communities, and members of the public.

“SEDA appointed 24 students from 12 secondary schools from Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and Selangor as SEDA SEED student ambassadors,” Hamzah said, adding that the student ambassadors will represent SEDA and create greater awareness of sustainable energy in their schools and among their peers.

He was confident the new year would bring many new changes and challenges.

“But SEDA will continue to play its role in growing the sustainable energy industry in Malaysia and work closely with stakeholders, as we have been
doing,” he added. – @Green