Sarawak’s sustainable hydropower to achieve net zero goals

Sarawak Energy is working with International Hydropower Association (IHA) to train its staff to use the internationally-recognised Hydropower Sustainability Standard’s Tools.

Sustainable hydropower is an essential foundation for Sarawak’s continued development by providing clean, green, modern, and affordable energy to meet its climate goals.

Sarawak Energy’s Batang Ai, Bakun, and Murum hydro power plants provide reliable, competitively-tariffed and clean electricity to the state, supporting domestic and industrial customers, and neighbouring West Kalimantan.

These projects have also delivered essential infrastructure for local communities, improving healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

Electricity demand is increasing rapidly against supply from these hydropower plants. To meet Sarawak’s net zero ambitions, more hydropower capacity is needed urgently.

Sarawak Energy is meeting this demand with the new Baleh hydropower project, due for completion in 2027. This project provides better roads, jobs, and other benefits for local communities.

Seventy-five employees have been trained as certified users of the Tools. In addition, 23 employees are now recognised as accredited assessors of the Tools, providing a higher level of expert knowledge, and demonstrating Sarawak Energy’s increased commitment to sustainability.

The company will seek to achieve project certification under the Hydropower Sustainability Standard.

IHA chief executive, Eddie Rich, said Sarawak Energy’s consistent commitment to hydropower sustainability training is essential to Sarawak’s economic development. – Green

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