10 reasons why Malaysian politics is like wrestling

Watching wrestling – the WWE kind – used to be a favourite pastime for me but not anymore.

I gave up a few months ago because the more I watched, the more it reminded me of Malaysian politics. In other words, it was making me sick to my stomach.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. The politicians wrestlers want you to think they are the good guys (and girls) but they are only interested in themselves. They put up a show just to make the people feel good.

2. They often gang up to fix up a common enemy. This they achieve by using underhand tactics. Everyone notices it but the politicians wrestlers pretend and claim innocence.

3. They are frogs, hopping from one side to the other, depending on which is more beneficial to them.

4. The gullible people get so excited and cheer for their favourite politicians wrestlers even though they are being taken for a ride.

5. After putting up a show, the politicians wrestlers probably meet up and party together.

6. The people, meantime, fight with each other over who is the better and more trustworthy politician wrestler.

7. A politician wrestler can become prime minister WWE champion multiple times although not very well-liked and beyond his/her prime.

8. One positive thing — women are making significant inroads and often steal the show from their male counterparts.

9. Sometimes when the politician wrestler is down and out, he/she somehow manages to make an amazing comeback and emerge victorious. Underhand tactics again?

10. Last but not least: The losers always claim they are the better ones, make lame excuses and keep blaming the other side.

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