All you need is love

I was talking with my cousin yesterday – are we primarily driven by love or ego?

I think it shifts from one to the other.

How the majority of a group of people are driven determines the kind of society we live in.

Ego is a Latin word literally meaning ‘I’. I first, everyone else last.

Individuals who are attracted to positions of leadership often operate from a place of ego.

What kind of society will we live in if we operated from a place of love? You can imagine πŸ™‚

There is a notion that if we do for others, we may lose out. But the truth is, humans are wired to feel euphoria when we give, and we as a species, have forgotten this.

There’s enough abundance in this universe to be shared – there’s no necessity to hoard.

Let us operate from a place of love – doing or creating something you love everyday, or just loving someone or something.

When we don’t, that void (of love) may only be filled with one thing – ego.

You feel inadequate, jealous, frustrated, which may lead to depression, meltdown, greed, bad politics.

I think this basic principle is what’s lacking in most societies and governments of today.

It’s the same premise that explains why a society that operates from a place of creativity (love) is a happier society.

It’s easy for the rug of love to be pulled from under your feet when crises strike, and this is when I think it’s crucial to catch yourselves in your tracks, and at least *try* to operate from a place of love. Often times, when you’re at ground-zero, self-compassion (love) must come first – a topic for a different time?

So what are you going to do in the next hour?


Do something you enjoy?

Or go chase even more money for no real benefit?

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