Kudos Perhilitan for ending suffering of Bukit Kiara monkey

Monkey with tin around neck

I wish to highlight the plight of this poor defenseless monkey which endured much pain and suffering the past couple of months because of a cruel act by a wicked and sadistic person.

This animal abuser had deliberately tied a tin can with serrated edges around the neck of the monkey, purportedly to ‘teach’ it a lesson for stealing some food.

The saw-like edges cut into the monkey’s neck every time it moved about in search of food; it not only caused much pain but also affected the macaque’s mobility. Mind you, the monkey was still nursing her baby!

Many attempts were made by concerned individuals including members of Friends of Bukit Kiara but to no avail. Whenever a human approached the monkey, it would quickly scurry into the bushes or climb up a tree.

Jabatan Perlindungan Hidupan Liar dan Taman Negara (Perhilitan) was roped in to help and even they encountered problems. They finally managed to capture the monkey, freed it of its ‘millstone’ and released it and the baby into the jungles of Bentong.

A very big thank you to Perhilitan for ending the pain and suffering endured by this plucky monkey at Bukit Kiara.

And also to all the concerned animal rights individuals who worked hand-in-hand with Perhilitan to bring the matter to a happy and heart-warming ending.

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