Malaysia’s uncertainties and conundrums

Malaysia is currently in a state of turmoil with so many conundrums in the management of its affairs.

It is bedeviled with political conflagration and altercation that renders the trajectory of the country on a path of confusion and uncertainties.

The current administration that came into being because of the infighting and betrayal of the previous government is beset with a host of problems.

First and foremost is the fragile coalition of former friends and foes in a marriage of convenience that may not be consummated.

Umno has become estranged from the alliance and so has MIC which initially confirmed the nuptials but cancelled it at Umno’s insistence.

PAS, meanwhile, is engaged in a polygamous union with both Muafakat Nasional and Perikatan Nasional.

To keep the coalition intact, the Prime Minister has given all the coalition MPs ministerial positions, chairmanship in GLCs, directorship in statutory bodies and even positions as envoys with ministerial status and senators.

In fact, new ministries were created to accommodate the leaders of the various political parties.

It is also puzzling with regard to the equal application of the law on all irrespective of status, colour or belief.

Recent incidents regarding the violation of quarantine under the Movement Control Order testify to the uneven application of the law.

The common man faces the full brunt of the law while the privileged elites are accorded special considerations.

This is evident when for the same offence a minister was given a nominal fine while a 70-year-old woman was fined RM 8,000 and jailed for a day.

Then, there is a convicted felon strutting around without any sense of remorse trying to create the impression that he has been wronged.

And there are several others in the same league who are facing charges of corruption and abuse of power exhibiting the same irreverence of the law.

But the greatest conundrum is that people treat these corrupt leaders as folk heroes or role models of propriety when in fact they are the antithesis of such perception. They have hoodwinked the people by throwing them crumbs while they plunder the country’s wealth for themselves, their families, and cronies.

The mind itself is a conundrum, usually gullible besides being unable to distinguish the gospel from the apocryphal and reality from fantasy.

How does one explain their adulation of a convicted felon and leaders facing corruption charges as well as those who manipulate religion to serve their political ends, not counting those elected representatives who exhibit uncouth behaviour in and out of the august House.

One wonders when Malaysians will be able to see through the farce and contortions perpetrated by the cabal of political and corporate elites.

Until such a time when we clear our minds of delusions and mental aberrations, the powers that be will exploit our ignorance and gullibility to serve their nefarious agenda that will eventually lead the country to ruins.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.

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