My 12 wishes for 2022

The New Year is the perfect time to re-arrange life’s goals and work towards them.

I have 12 wishes – one for each month of the year. They are for me, the school, my team, and Malaysia.

The wishes are a great beginning, peace to all, plenty of happiness, to be cool, calm and collected in times of crisis, to be lucky, abundant success, much love, opportunities to travel, joy, bliss, a positive attitude, and most of all, God’s guiding hand in everything we do.

To me, 2022 represents a clean break, a new hope. It is a blank canvas for every one of us.

The future is our story to write. It will be a year that will be remarkable and blissful.

This year, I will explore extraordinary opportunities for Global Oak Tree Scholars International School, the team, my family, and myself.

The last two years have been an unpredictable ride through the pandemic, protests, and political uncertainties.

We have overcome those hardships. The wish is to get leaders who care for the people, and help fix what is wrong.

I aim to embrace the coming year with positivity, shining spirits, and aspirations for the future.

How do I intend to cope with Covid-19? As I have the past two years — by taking the safety of my students, team, and family, seriously.

My team, my family, and I are all vaccinated. All staff perform a self-test at the beginning of each week. Students are encouraged to do the same.

This is to ensure that the school is free of the coronavirus. It is our way of helping curb the spread of Covid-19, not just in the school campuses, but also in the surrounding areas.

Masks are second nature. It is unusual now to walk out of your house without one.

What can I say? We have all adapted quite amazingly to this strange existence.

The world before this seemed like a fairytale.

I like to flip the pages a few chapters back, and bring back what we took for granted.

I believe it will happen in 2022, but only if we work together.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.

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