On LGBT and non-Muslims


I was completely flabbergasted, no, pissed is the better description, with the reactions of bigots over Numan Afifi’s interim appointment as press secretary to the new youth and sports minister.

Numan declared himself part of the LGBT community some time earlier and bigots are trying to draw blood over his possible appointment.

Many of us growing up had amused ourselves by taunting those who thought or behaved differently from us. We called the “softies” and those who didn’t participate in dares as “pondans”. There was much “cruel” stuff that we did when growing up. We were kids and never knew better and that is why laws protect kids through age bars, etc.

Therefore, it is utterly confounding and disappointing that fully grown adults with seemingly varied experiences, and an assortment of PhDs to boot, have prejudices and biases formed from the narrowest viewpoints.

Gender dysphoria is that persistent sense of mismatch between one’s physical gender and one which the person identifies with. It was for a long time more crudely known as Gender Identity Disorder (GID). There are many other associated conditions and society has decided to simplify the situation, calling the community, LGBT.

And the fact that the medical fraternity has long recognised it as not a mental illness and that treatment is directed towards the stress, anxiety and depression as a result of their desire to conform. That should be indicative enough that these “conditions” are neither self-inflicted nor contagious.

The human race is diverse; from the very fair skinned to charcoal black; super curly hair to the straight type, some with learning deficiencies, others with hearing difficulties and so on. Engaging a straight hair person cannot uncurl our super curly hair and our hearing won’t be impaired just because we learn the sign language.

LGBT is not an ailment or a choice. They certainly do not need any pity because they are like any normal person.

They just don’t need to be treated any differently or worse, criminalised.

And the loudest to condemn our LGBT brothers and sisters are the supposedly devout. Shame on them.

Another furore was when Tommy Thomas was appointed Attorney-General. This was because he was neither Muslim nor Malay. To these critics from Umno and PAS – being Malaysian for 66 years, having practised law very successfully for 42 years, known for being an expert in constitutional law, and with an impeccable reputation for integrity are of scant interest.

Fortunately for the nation, Thomas wasn’t swayed. Thank you TT.

Like clockwork Tan Sri Richard Malanjum’s elevation to Chief Justice was maligned because he is not Muslim. Goodness me – the position is for the civil court sector!

He was appointed judicial commissioner in 1992 and has been the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak since 2006.

Malanjum must have been bypassed for the next level, as Court of Appeals president, at least once. I can’t recall anyone who served with particular disctinction in that office or as Chief Justice the last 10 years, so Malanjum could have been “penalised” not because he was a lesser judge but because he didn’t fulfill an unstated qualification.

Again the noises were only from Umno and PAS activists. I am afraid if Umno continues in this direction, it would be marginalising themselves; to compete solely with PAS for a shrinking electorate.

God bless Malaysia Baru!