Parking ticket

Parking hell

Have you ever asked yourself “why can’t all municipal councils in the country have parking meters/machines on top of the coupon system?”

I have many times.

Most recent was last Thursday. I received a parking ticket in a new commercial area which did not have any parking meters and I could not find a shop selling parking coupons.

While ranting about this “injustice”, some good did come out of it as a friend told me about an app called Smart Selangor Parking.

With it, you do not have to hunt for parking meters or coupons.

This is a brilliant idea and one which will surely come in handy the next time I go gallivanting around Selangor.

The app was launched in late June and came into effect on July 1.

But sadly, there has not been much publicity about it.

I checked with my friends and asked several WhatsApp chat groups. Only a handful have heard of Smart Selangor Parking. This is a pity as this is a much-needed app.

Many a time I have found myself in a new area and needed to park but could not find a parking meter.

Finding shops that sell coupons is a chore and even then, most of them only sell the booklet so you have to buy all of the coupons – usually 10 to a book – instead of just the one coupon you need.

Then, there are the unscrupulous ones who sell a coupon at a higher price (but, it is better to buy one at a higher rate rather than get a parking ticket).

Hopefully, the other states follow Selangor’s example (confession, I have not checked if they have) and come out with a parking app.

I just wish there was more publicity about Smart Selangor Parking … could have saved me a few ringgit on Thursday 🤣🤣

Been there before

However, this was not the first time I got a parking ticket.

The first was several years ago when I visited Malacca after a long while.

After passing 20,205 traffic lights (or so it seemed), I saw a fast food restaurant and decided to take a break.

I thought it was my lucky day as there were several parking spots available right in front of the restaurant.

But there were no parking meters in sight.

Bear in mind, I had just left the highway, was heading into town and it was late on a Saturday, so I did not think much about it.

To my surprise, there was a parking ticket when I returned to the car after my meal.

How Malacca expects those coming to the state to have a parking coupon is a mystery.

I am heading back to Malacca this weekend. Time to check Google Play Store for parking apps in the state!

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