Parking nightmare haunts Putramas residents

I used to look at the Royal Domain Sri Putramas II at Jalan Putramas, Kuala Lumpur, in awe.

The way it lit up, the warm white lights in and around the building blocks, somehow gave the condominium a luxurious feel.

That was more than a decade ago.

Today, I cringe whenever I drive into the area.

Vehicles line up both sides of the road. That is no fault of residents who own or rent units at the Sri Putramas 1, Royal Domain and Royal Regent (Sri Putramas III). The locals call them SP1, SP2 and SP3.

Sri Putramas 1 has 1,220 units, Royal Domain 1,022 units, and Royal Regent 654 units. That is close to 3,000 units! Let’s also not forget those staying at Antah Tower.

And soon, Sri Putramas IV will be built in what little space is left. That ‘island’ of high-rise buildings deserves its postcode and even mayor!

Residents with parking bays find the vehicles an eyesore. Some have urged the police to summon those who park along the main road.

A picture of a policeman placing summons on a vehicle recently made it to the residents’ WhatsApp group.

Those summoned cried foul, saying there was no proper place to park their cars. They hope someone hears their pleas.

Today, the average household owns more than two vehicles. If a group rents a unit, there will be more vehicles.

There have been those who have lost a tyre or two when parking outside their condominium compound.

Where are they expected to park their vehicles, especially in an area without public transportation?

The nearest LRT, MRT and KTM Komuter stations are 5-7km away. To get there, they would need to rely on e-hailing services.

It is mind-boggling that the prices of units continue to soar. What is the selling point of the condominiums there?

  • Free ‘love letters’ from your friendly policeman?
  • Possible dents or scratches to your car if you do not have a parking bay in the condo?
  • Be greeted by the many vehicles that line up along Jalan Putramas when you head home?

I feel for those living in the area. I hope their plight will be solved soon.

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