Purwaiz Alam

Sila enjoy, jangan tension

Unlike paragliding or mountain climbing, everyone can take up running and walking.

It’s the best exercise, at least for me … you don’t need any special equipment except a pair of track shoes; there’s no need for a special place … most times the neighbourhood will suffice. And it is free.

You can say that walking runs in my blood.

It’s an exercise I have been doing for years. Not that I am a health freak or anything like that. But it’s easy, convenient and something that can be done at leisure.

When the Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 was announced, I decided to go for it. No, I am not an avid competitor. What actually caught my attention were the words “Fun Run”.

I told myself why not? I don’t really “run” most of the time because of the knee problems that have come with age. So, a fun run it will be. Excuse me, I mean fun walk.

I managed to convince some friends to join me and that’s that.

With age catching up and most weekend runs stressing more on competitiveness, it will be a refreshing change to see people less stressed up about registering a good time and just having a good time.

“Intensive training” started a week ago. Yes, it’s laughable since it’s only 5km but at the ripe young age of 59, it is quite an effort for me (and many others, I guess), more so with the bad knees.

My target? First is to finish the run. Second is to do it within an hour (embarrassing, isn’t it?). Third, and most importantly, I just want to have fun.

Sila enjoy, jangan tension. See you there on Nov 4.

To register for Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018, log on to www.racexasia.com.