Syabas Malaysia, but the battle is far from over

Today is a milestone of sorts for Malaysia. It’s been 100 days since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed on March 18.

It’s a notable day because we’ve come far in the war against Covid-19.

From a mere 22 cases on Feb 15, to an astonishing 790 on the first day of the MCO and 8,596 at press time today, we have battled the scourge every step of the way.

Why are our efforts noteworthy if cases have kept increasing? It’s because we managed to flatten the curve. In simple terms, we have contained the spread of Covid-19 so it doesn’t cause too much harm.

New cases have been in the lower two digits or just single digits for a while now. Our recovery rate is almost 96 per cent with 8,231 patients fully recovered. The death toll has also been low at a total of 121.

The economy is waking up from its forced slumber. People are already going about their pre-MCO routines albeit with precautions in place. More restrictions are being eased or removed as the days go by. There’s more confidence that we will overcome this struggle.

All this would not have been possible had we not been disciplined.

Also, let’s not forget the Malaysian sense of humour, making light of difficult situations and keeping the people amused. A good example is the fumbling ketua keluarga episodes – how the man of the house was at a lost when doing the groceries.

It definitely has not been smooth sailing with issues like confusing and contradictory standard operating procedures, and the stubborn law-breakers. But we have managed to see it through so far.

Some, however, remain skeptical and pessimistic and for good reason. Many people have lost their jobs, many others are struggling to keep theirs. Some have yet to earn even a sen all these months as not all sectors have been allowed to fully open.

Shuttered shops and “For Rent” banners are indicative of the damage done to businesses and how much of a battering the economy has taken.

And then there’s the political situation which has been just as unnerving as the pandemic. But let’s leave politics and politicians aside for now because the virus might go away one day, but the politics never will.

Today, let’s look in the mirror and be proud of what we see – an unselfish, caring and responsible Malaysian.

We stuck to the task. From the police, army, medical frontliners to all the unsung heroes like delivery people, garbage collectors, cleaners, sweepers, those who relentlessly fed the poor and homeless, and everyone who stayed at home when it mattered most.

The war is far from over. We don’t know what the future holds. Will there be another wave of Covid-19? Will a vaccine be found any time soon? Will we go into a deep recession? There’s much uncertainty but move forward we must.

For now, let’s take a moment out and give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have achieved so far. We deserve it.

Syabas Malaysia!

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