Victims deserve justice, no place for sex predators in Malaysian sports

The allegations of sexual harassment by two former national swimmers recently has raised many questions; with the Youth and Sports Ministry promising that there will not be any cover-ups.

Twentytwo13 editor, Haresh Deol, had in his latest column in Malay language news website Getaran, asked if being sexually harassed is “normal” among coaches and athletes and wondered how many more were victims of such predatory behaviour.

“And if this can happen to national athletes, what about athletes at the grassroots?” Haresh asked.

He said it is time to create safe spaces for our athletes and children. Haresh added victims must be provided with a safe channel for them to raise their issues.

“It is not easy for a victim of sexual harassment to come forward and speak about it. Some may take a long time before they have the courage to speak up and reveal what had happened.

“The concerned parties must investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice. Those who sexually harass others have no place in Malaysia’s sports ecosystem.”

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