Walk Away & Onwards – help WAO to help battered women

It’s less than two weeks to the highlight of Twentytwo13’s Project 60.1 – a 25km walk to raise some money for Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) which is running low on funds.

I chose to walk at the Subang Ria Recreational Park in Subang Jaya on Nov 28 over other activities because of the message we intend to impart – women who are in an abusive relationship can walk away too.

It’s a tough call for me doing 25km at this age but I’m going to give it my best shot. Nothing would have happened without that first step.

Today we have raised almost RM9,000 just from friends and families of Twentytwo13’s staff. That’s almost double the RM5,000 target when we launched the project on Nov 1.

It’s the same when women take the first step to leave a painful relationship. It’s tough but they have to give it their best shot.

They need to get back on their feet and start life afresh, often with children in tow.

There’s no giving up for them. I take inspiration from these strong women and will not give up when I walk. I pledge to finish the 25km even if it takes me the whole day because sometimes that’s how it is. We have to plod on step by step to reach our goal.

This battle that women go through is not just theirs. Men should also play their role and support their fight. That’s what humanity is about. We are in this together and every little bit counts. Together we can make a difference.

It’s great that organisations like WAO play a big role in helping battered women start life anew. And it’s befitting that they are called WAO – Walk Away & Onwards.

Twentytwo13 readers and other fellow Malaysians can donate directly to Women’s Aid Organisation at CIMB Bank Berhad 80-0238299-7 (Reference: Children’s Programme).

For more information, contact amnani@wao.org.my or visit www.wao.org.my.