Bridging the gap between the halal industry and Islamic finance

The Bahrain Halal Expo, from Oct 5-7, aims to build bridges between the halal industry and the Islamic finance sector by bringing together Islamic financial institutions, thought leaders, and halal industry drivers.

The three-day exhibition will present case studies and research papers in the related sectors to better understand the challenges.

Among its objectives are to:

• provide a sustainable development framework for Islamic Finance and the halal industry.

• showcase halal products and services worldwide in Bahrain and build bridges between buyers and sellers locally and globally.

• propose Islamic Trade Finance solutions for the halal industry.

• propose wakf economy-based solutions for the halal industry.

Bahrain is one of the leading Arab Islamic countries in applying Islamic law and one of the first countries to embrace Islamic institutions of all kinds, banking, financial and insurance, and the manufacture of national halal products, in addition to organising many events that focus on Islamic banking.

The expo is aligned with the vision of Bahrain Economic 2030, which depends on diversifying sources of income through several programmes to enhance its role as a regional and global centre to serve the halal industry and its services, which will complement its system in other international Islamic activities and events.

Bahrain Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Shaikh Khalid Abdullah al-Khalifa is the event’s patron. @Halal

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