‘Halal Expo Manchester is not just for Muslim or halal businesses, it’s for all’

The Halal Expo Manchester can captivate the halal sector on July 14–15 at The Old Trafford Stadium, home of Manchester United, following the success of December’s Halal Expo London.

The event brings together suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, consumers and experts interested in the halal industry from around the world at the largest trade show in the UK.

The Department of Business and Trade (DBT) and some of the UK’s most respected Muslim- and non-Muslim-led enterprises, dignitaries, and household personalities have pledged their support to the inaugural Halal Expo Manchester.

“The UK government’s Department of Business and Trade is pleased to sponsor this groundbreaking conference. With the increasing global demand for halal products and services, Halal Expo Manchester will give halal and traditional UK businesses the insight, information, and resources they need to expand considerably,” said Ian Harrison, DBT’s head of export development.

Seminars and workshops by internationally renowned speakers and ambassadors would allow business professionals and consumers to network.

The success of the halal market depends on more than just consumption. Thus, the event delves into food and apparel art, finance to marriage counselling, and home improvement to health and beauty aids to learning materials and vacation spots.

Founder and trustee of the Amir Khan Foundation, two-time world boxing champion Amir Khan, said: “I’m thrilled to have the Amir Khan Foundation as the official charity partner of the Halal Expo in Manchester and London.

Inspiring and innovative Muslim entrepreneurs are leading in the business world across many industries, and this spirit of enterprise development has strengthened the halal economy to become one of the most lucrative markets globally.”

More than two billion Muslims worldwide make the halal business a significant asset to the global economy. The halal market in the United Kingdom is worth more than £3 billion. (The Manchester Halal Expo is a model marketplace for companies throughout.) Not necessary.

“Halal Expo Manchester is not just for Muslim or halal businesses. It is also for mainstream brands to demonstrate their openness and acceptance of people of all faiths and backgrounds,” said Aatif Majid, founder and chief executive officer of Halal Expo London & Manchester.

“We are honoured to have the Department of Business and Trade participate in our events as an exhibitor. The global Muslim population is vast and rising. Thus, significant corporations are happy to be partnering with the halal market.

“We strongly encourage mainstream brands to participate in Halal Expo Manchester.” @Halal

Main image: Halal Expo London

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