Saudi fashion designer Reem Esailan revamps traditional dresses with modern flair

The fashion industry constantly evolves and adapts to new trends. As designers worldwide showcase their unique styles, the industry has become incredibly diverse and innovative.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for Saudi tradition, fashion designer Reem Esailan has become renowned for her stunning high-end dresses.

Her unique creations showcase her ability to infuse modern trends with timeless cultural elements, resulting in elegant and unique pieces.

Esailan said the official dress of Saudi Arabia represents its citizens’ identity and is suitable for the country’s various environmental and climatic conditions.

She explained that while some elements might resemble those found in dresses from other parts of the Arabian Peninsula, the details are distinct.

When questioned about the steep prices of her traditional dresses, Esailan said it was not without reason.

She explained that skilled craftsmen dedicated their time and expertise to the lengthy and intricate process of using rare and precious materials to design the costumes.

She emphasised the garments’ extraordinary craftsmanship, which adds to their air of luxury and prestige.

Esailan believes the dresses are worth the investment, as only those who understand their value are willing to wear them.

“I provide buyers with a ‘Costume Birth Certificate’ to serve as a reference for them or their generations.

“This certificate describes the product’s journey from A to Z. Buyers will have to think twice before getting rid of the piece. They might as well appreciate the richness and historical impulse it comprises,” she added.

Esailan claimed that there has recently been a significant demand for Saudi-inspired clothing, particularly on national holidays like Saudi National Day, Saudi Flag Day, and Founding Day, “as the new generation has become curious” and is interested in learning about the Kingdom’s history.

She said that in recent years, there had been a noticeable trend of exploring the secrets behind the dresses and traditions of their ancestors.

“Various designs with different colours emerged and encouraged a large proportion of the new generation to learn about the arts, design, especially in the heritage field, while getting creative,” said Esailan, adding that she has aspirations to be within renowned international fashion houses in the future, showcasing her distinctive fashion creations.

She said Saudi dresses were renowned for embodying the cultural authenticity of the past. Expensive pieces such as jambiyas and other clothing and accessories are a source of attraction for visitors and researchers.

“We aim to be the bridge connecting authenticity with modernity among all regions of the Kingdom.” @Halal 

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