Eight weeks on and mask confusion unresolved

Dear Diary,

It’s another extended weekend for those in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Labuan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis and Selangor as today is a public holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran.

I took the opportunity to visit Mr DIY in Main Place, Subang Jaya as I needed to buy a kitchen weighing scale and a three-gang plug socket. I chose Main Place as I needed something from Jaya Grocer.

I didn’t notice it at first, but this sign is posted at one of the entrances to Main Place.

Since I was already wearing a mask, no one stopped me.

However, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob had on Friday reiterated businesses CANNOT bar customers who aren’t wearing masks but he did encourage the public to don face masks.

He even suggested businesses sell face masks at their entrance (if only those with a mask can enter).

If it’s not law and it is wrong to bar a person without a mask from entering a premise, then why should a customer be made to buy a mask at the entrance?

Shouldn’t it be made a law to avoid confusion or a confrontation as someone can argue it is not against the law not to wear a mask if they want to go shopping?

Here’s the thing. Malls are private property and owners are free to set their rules – within reason – and requesting you to wear a mask when there is a pandemic, is justified.

Federal ministers say one thing but some state governments prefer to adopt their own rules. Now, malls and supermarkets too are doing things their way.

While the confusion continues, for now, it’s best to just wear a mask or keep one in your pocket.

Today, in his daily briefing, Ismail Sabri “advised” parents against bringing their children to public places and shopping malls for their own safety and health.

He added if parents continue to do so, the government will ban such action. If these places are not safe, then wouldn’t it be best to make it illegal – although single parents may find it unfair.

While there weren’t any children in Main Place today, pictures from friends and on social media showed they were present in many other places.

And why only now has the government thought about this? Shouldn’t rules and SOPs been in place before the Conditional MCO took effect?

We need decisive decisions, not suggestions.

‘The MCO Diaries’ is supposed to be a light-hearted round-up of the daily happenings but lately, it has become more and more serious.

So here’s something from a friend and loyal Twentytwo13 reader Jeff Miranda on his struggles during MCO.

I feel you, Jeff.

Here’s today’s update: There are 70 new cases which take the total to 6,726. There is also one death which makes it 109 fatalities. The good news is 88 people were discharged today, meaning 5,113 have been cured.

Bob Dylan sums up how I feel with a number called Mixed up confusion.

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