Even royalty not spared

Dear Diary,

The day started well with many wishing Happy Birthday to the Royal Malaysia Police force. This is the first time in its 213-year history that our heroes in blue are not observing the celebration.

As the day progressed, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dropped the ‘bad’ news in announcing the Movement Control Order will be extended for another two weeks! Wait, does that mean I have to keep doing ‘The MCO Diaries’ until April 14? (Editor’s note: YES)

And our friends in UK received shocking news as Prince Charles tested positive for Covid-19. It shows that even royalty are not immune to everything.

For those wondering if they qualify for the six-month moratorium on bank loans and restructuring of credit card payments, click here.

Anyway, here’s how Day 8 unfolded.

8.15am: MORE WORK FOR POLICE – Woke up to messages police reports were lodged against person/s who criticised a prince. Yes, the law should be for everyone.

9.58am: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Some useful information should you ever get into trouble with the cops.

10.36am: CAT DISTURBS MY MOUSE – Oh, no! The Internet is down. Or so I thought … until I realised my cat, which walked all over the laptop, had turned on the aeroplane mode. Bad pussy!

11.14am: STAY BACK – For those who don’t understand, here’s a visual aid.

Anyway, the World Health Organisation has decided to call it physical instead of social distancing.

12.36am: KEEPING TRACK – To see how devastating this whole thing is, check out this website.

1.12pm: 28 DAYS LATER – No, not the Danny Boyle movie but just how long the MCO will last – fingers crossed. There goes my Easter party!

3.43pm: STAY HYDRATED – Received news that Spritzer will be supplying free bottled water to rehydrate the frontliners including during their duty time.

4.08pm: MEETING POINT – Video conference with colleagues, some dressed up for the event, others not.

5.52pm: NO END IN SIGHT – 172 new cases makes it 1,796 Covid-19 victims nationwide. The death toll is 19.

(Update: 10.10pm – Another death recorded. The deceased is a 76-year-old man who attended the Sri Petaling religious gathering. He died at 4.35pm in Hospital Sultan Ismail Petra, Kuala Krai. This brings the death toll to 20).

6.12pm: PARK FOR FREE – Midvalley offers free parking until March 31. Hopefully, others do the same and extend it until April 14.

Image by Christopher Choong

6.30pm: EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE – In honour of Police Day, I present to you The Police, with an appropriately titled song. Enjoy.