Fed-up with same old faces, Daphne Iking considering political career

Actress-cum-entrepreneur Daphne Iking was approached to run in the last general election and also the upcoming Sabah elections on Sept 26.

Iking said the offers made her entertain thoughts of entering the political arena, but the timing wasn’t right.

She, however, pledged “to serve my state soon”.

“My children are still young. I will reconsider when they are older,” said Iking, who gave birth to her fourth child three months ago.

“I want to serve my state as I’m fed up with the same old faces. So many things are messed up. It’s time for a change.

“The younger generation should rise and make a stance. We need the youth deciding Sabah’s future – not the same old recycled faces.”

In 2008, Iking’s father Mozes Michael Iking, a former policeman, went up against Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan for the Tambunan seat under a PKR ticket but lost.

While her political ambitions are on hold, Iking said she feels she can advocate change by being involved in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and by being an activist.

She has used her social media platforms to highlight issues affecting Sabah and will continue doing so.

“I can contribute by speaking out and highlighting issues. I feel I’m doing some good now. Politics? Sometime in the future,” said Iking, who is among prominent Sabahans in the ‘Sabah Bangkit’ video.

The video, uploaded on YouTube on Sept 9, is to encourage Sabahans to take matters in their own hands by voting in the elections.

Iking added Sabahans are jaded as they keep voting for change but, the only constant is the infighting among the politicians which results in the same people returning to power.

“Every time we try to make a change, politicians hop to the party or coalition which is in power. It has happened all these years,” said Iking.

“I know some people are fed-up. Many are considering not voting as nothing has changed.

“The thinking is ‘what difference would it make’. I understand that frustration. But, please, please go vote.

“We need our voices heard. The power lies in our hands.”

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