Go cashless at MAHA 2018

Norafizah Rahman

Come to the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism (MAHA) 2018 with just your smartphone and you will be able to make multiple transactions just by scanning QR (quick response) codes.

The offering is the first such one at the Malaysia Agriculture and Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) – the nation’s largest agriculture exhibition as more players go cashless.

MAEPS chief operating officer Norafizah Rahman said visitors who download the Touch N Go eWallet app at MAEPS will get a pincode with RM8 credited into their account to spend. The eWallet users can top up the amount and make purchases just by scanning the QR code at the stalls or booths.

“This is one of our many highlights this time around. In a bid to promote a cashless society, we thought MAHA 2018 would be the best venue to start,” said Norafizah.

Touch N Go

“People can still buy items with cash but those who want a cashless experience can also do so.”

MAHA 2018, scheduled from Nov 22 to Dec 2 (10am to 7pm), is expected to attract some 3.5 million visitors.

Themed ‘Our food, our future’, there will be 1,500 stalls selling fruits and vegetables.

While MAHA 2018 has always been seen as a “consumer fair”, Norafizah stressed it should also be viewed as a trade fair.

“We are overwhelmed by the support thus far, including from corporations like Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

“With the bigger industry players in the picture, we have dedicated at least one and a half days for them to mingle and explore opportunities.”

“MAHA 2018 is not just for the end user but also for those in the business as well. It’s a trade fair, an exhibition and carnival … all in one.”

She also said MAHA 2018 is not just a Malay-centric affair and that continuous efforts are being made to turn it into a truly Malaysian event.

“We have engaged celebrities to cater for the different segments of our society. In the past, some perceived MAHA as a rural, Malay event but it’s actually an event for all.

“We’ve spoken to the English dailies and those from the vernacular establishments to keep their readers informed of our efforts and what to expect at MAHA 2018. There’s something for everyone.”

Norafizah insisted this year’s MAHA will be bigger and better than the previous editions. She and her team have been making their rounds to promote the 11-day event recently.

MAHA 2018
Promotional activities were held in Kuala Lumpur recently ahead of MAHA 2018.

“It’s a benchmark we have set. Every MAHA must be different and better than the previous one. That’s the only way we can entice more people to come and have a good time at MAEPS.”

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