‘I love you 3000, Ameera’

Groot-themed ring container

When two Marvel fans get married, rest assured they will come up with an epic way to ink their adventure together.

Twentytwo13’s creative editor Amar Qastellani Tajuddin and his bride Shafiqa Ameera Shamshul Kamal did not dress up as Black Panther and Captain Marvel for their solemnisation ceremony in Kuala Lumpur last Sunday but ‘summoned’ Groot to play the important role of guardian of the groom’s wedding ring completed with an embedded soul stone.

A Groot-themed flower pot was mystically turned into a ring container and rooted in the bride’s ‘dulang hantaran’ (tray carrying wedding gifts and dowry) and a Lego Thor minifigure hammered home the point that it was the endgame of the couple’s singlehood as they embark on a beautiful journey as husband and wife.

Ring in container
Groot ‘guarding’ the wedding ring with an embedded soul stone.

Wedding photographer Zulhelmey Isnin of Photo Syndicate posted the picture of the tray on his Twitter account @amymedusaa, and it assembled over 12,000 Avengers fans through retweets, likes and comments.

Groot-themed ring container
The tweet that made its rounds.

The picture was also picked up by bridal magazine Pesona Pengantin.

And just like Steve Rogers was injected with an experimental super-serum that made him Captain America, Amar and Ameera’s experimental creation gave fans the boost as they wanted a similar theme for their special day.

Amar said he and Ameera came up with the idea of the Avengers-themed tray.

“I bought the Groot-themed pot early this year and it was not for the wedding actually. It was something I bought for my desk in the office as I thought it would be a good stationery holder,” said Amar.

“But I never got around to using it and it started collecting dust at home. Ameera saw it and decided that it should hold something more significant than pens and pencils.”

Amar said being Marvel fans, they discussed the idea of an Avengers-themed tray and bought Lego minifigures for all seven trays. Each tray had a superhero such as Captain America, Black Panther, Dr Strange with Thor on the main tray.

Amar and Ameera watched the Avengers Endgame on the opening night last week – their last date before tying the knot. Having just returned from the honeymoon in Bali, the couple now plans to watch the movie again as husband and wife.

Amar and Ameera
Ameera and Amar take a wefie during their wedding reception last Saturday.

Editor’s note: Just as Tony Stark, at the end of the movie, professes his love for his daughter Morgan by saying ‘I love you, 3000’, we at Twentytwo13 expect Amar to utter the same words romantically to Ameera every day.