More dirty eateries on the chopping block

Raj closure

THE permanent closure of Raj Banana Leaf’s Bangsar outlet yesterday is just the beginning with more dirty eateries facing the same fate.

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Tan Sri Mhd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz was in no mood for compromise, saying: “Those who do not follow our guidelines, we will come after you.”

“Let this (revocation of Raj Banana Leaf Bangsar’s licence) serve as a stern warning to the others.”

Asked if more restaurants or cafes will be shut down, he replied “most probably”.

Raj Banana Leaf’s Bangsar outlet was sealed on May 30 after a video showing workers from the restaurant washing metal plates in a puddle of water went viral.

Raj Banana image
A screen grab of the video that went viral shows workers washing metal plates in a puddle of water.

Mhd Amin had then told Twentytwo13 that the restaurant would remain closed until they adhered to all of City Hall’s regulations.

He had then described the outlet as “gila punya restaurant” (crazy restaurant).

Raj Banana Leaf was quick to admit and apologise, even offering free meals to its customers. The gesture, however, was too little too late.

The episode created a public outcry with consumer groups urging authorities to permanently revoke the operating licences of dirty eateries to send a strong message.

The groups had also called for existing regulations to be reviewed if outdated.

A day after the restaurant was sealed, contractors were spotted repairing the potholes at the back alley.

Workers from the eatery, which had a Grade A rating, subsequently underwent a food handling course.