Protest? Rejoice, more like it

Najib Razak

Today is the happiest news day for many Malaysians. It is as if we had won the World Cup.

The unrestrained joy: Arrest of Malaysia’s biggest disgrace, scandal-tainted former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency took him in for his alleged role in the 1MDB rip-off in which billions were embezzled from the government fund.

Amid the delight came the hypocrites from Umno – you may want to call them Hermes and Bijan reps – who called for a solidarity rally for “persecuted” Najib.

Here’s the thing: Najib lovers may have many more candlelight vigils in the coming days as more people linked to him are expected to be arrested.

Hopefully Najib’s despicably lavish wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is not too far behind.

Linking Najb’s arrest to revenge sought by a “cruel” Pakatan Harapan government is cheap.

Even cheaper is the cry including from Rafizi Ramli of PKR for Najib to be treated fairly and with kindness.

Right thing to do: Treat Najib with dignity as befitting any human being – no special treatment just because he was prime minister.

Everyone including migrants deserve dignity and respect, even if arrested. Time to stop hierarchical thinking or having double standards.

Should Najib be granted bail tomorrow?

There are grounds to oppose bail, chiefly for obstructing justice and corrupting officials.

But if bail is to be set, make that RM2.6 billion.

If there was a law against losing control of one’s wife, he should pay for that too.

Does Malaysia expect any troubling takeaways from Najib’s arrest?

No. The people, deeply concerned over the looting of 1MDB funds and consequently the reputational damage Malaysia suffered, await more arrests and their convictions.

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