Stretching outdoors, sunshine new luxury for retiree

There was an interesting sight at the Covid-19 vaccination centre at UiTM Shah Alam on Wednesday.

While long queues and impatient people are part of the “new normal”, some made full use of the opportunity of being outside to stretch out, and enjoy the sunlight.

Something that we used to take for granted pre-Covid-19 days, is now a luxury. One of those who enjoyed the warm, soothing rays of the sun, was N. Vipularatnam.

Vipularatnam, 69, had accompanied his wife for her second Covid-19 vaccine shot. Instead of waiting at the crowded designated area, the retiree decided to kill time by stretching his arms and legs at the car park.

“I’ve been pretty much sitting at home for a month. I’ve only stepped out to buy food, groceries and to the vaccination centre,” said Vipularatnam, who lives in Subang Jaya.

“I’ve also not been able to go for my daily walks. So, to be able to feel the sun, even for a little while, feels so good.”

The former tour guide said he stayed away from the designated waiting area at the centre as there were just too many people.

“I feel better in less crowded areas. With Covid-19 cases rising, it is better to take precautions.

“Moreover, this was a good opportunity to stretch my legs,” he added.

“Sitting too long is not good. I did yoga when I was younger, so I know how important it is to do stretching exercises.

“I wish the government would consider allowing people to exercise outdoors, as a healthy body means a healthy mind.”

He admitted it was tiring just staying indoors.

“During her earlier visit, it took some time to complete the whole process.

“But looking at the bright side, at least I can enjoy the sun,” he added, smiling.

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