Captivated by tasty food, low prices and easy parking at new food court in USJ 1

There’s a new food court on the block in Subang Jaya.

At first glance, Medan Selera USJ 1 seems no different from any other food court. In fact, you might even have second thoughts about having a meal there as it looks bare with only 10 of the 16 stalls in operation.

The food court is spanking new. It opened on Nov 15.

My wife and I decided to give the place a try after I read about a biryani stall there. That’s the power of marketing on social media!

It turned out to be a good move as we have become regulars for two reasons. First, there is a good selection of tasty food and desserts. Second, the prices are amazingly cheap.

There’s a third reason (for now) – parking is a breeze with about 30 parking bays within the compound and it’s free.

Back to the food – my wife’s favourite is the laksa goreng which comes with two medium-sized prawns, cockles and beansprouts. The cost? A mere RM6!

The Laksa Goreng which comes with two medium-sized prawns, cockles and beansprouts. Images: Purwaiz Alam / Twentytwo13

That dish has become her staple whenever we visit the place.

A couple of weeks ago, she was there on her own and brought home pisang goreng cheese (banana fritters with cheese). There’s a whole list of flavours, including Nutella, Milo, butterscotch, tiramisu and caramel. The cost? RM9.50 for eight pieces!

Pisang Goreng Cheese.

I gobbled up four pieces in double-quick time and put on 3kg (I always exaggerate). There was a tinge of regret but it was worth it – all that heavenly cheese and chocolate. Yummy!

We visited the place again last Thursday and tried a couple of new things.

The big bowl of Laksa Penang had thick gravy and there was lots of fish in it. They use ikan kembong which is said to be a good choice. The cost? Only RM5!

Laksa Penang

My wife said it reminded her of the family recipe which was a hit among our friends when we used to hold open house those days.

I decided to try the cendol. It can give the more popular ones out there a run for their money any day. Just a small point – they could have added slightly more of the red beans. But I’m not complaining, and by now, you will know why.

The cost? RM2.50 for the sweet sensation!

I almost forgot to mention what started it all – the biryani (main image). I am not sure if they actually use basmathi rice but it does have a nice fragrance. The mutton is tender and goes well with the rice. I’ve had that twice. Next time I’ll try the chicken. A satisfying meal, no doubt.

The cost? RM12!

There are a lot more dishes despite there being only 10 stalls. It’s like a journey of discovery, so I’ve not specified the four stalls we have visited so far. We’ll explore more as we plan to keep going back there.

Medan Selera USJ 1 is nestled among the low-cost flats and it is indeed a blessing for residents there, as it is for my wife and me.

Medan Selera USJ 1

No. 1, Medan Selera USJ 1,

Persiaran Subang Mewah,

47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours: Daily – 8am to 10pm.

Editor’s note: The stalls have different opening and closing times. Some open every day, some are closed once a week. That’s because they are still gauging customer turnout since the place is still new.