Next-level gourmet burgers Woodfire style

“You and your burgers. The next thing I know, you will claim the Serani invented burgers!”

That was the initial reaction of a friend when I told him that a new burger joint had opened in Plaza TTDI, a hop, skip and jump away from the office.

What can I say? I love burgers (except those prepared by a clown) and won’t mind having them every day of the week.

My go-to burger joint is Burger King but I also have a love affair with the Ramly burgers at my usual stall in USJ14 in Subang Jaya.

As such, I couldn’t wait for Woodfire to open. The establishment has its origins in Johor Bahru and has been around for more than six years. It only recently began opening in the Klang Valley.

It has an outlet in Jalan L 1, Kemensah in Ampang.

Stuff Cheese burger and curly fries. Images: Amar Qastellani

A former colleague, Vijhay Vick, who is based in Johor Bahru, recommended the place when he heard it was opening in Plaza TTDI.

“There are four or five outlets here and all of them are packed. I tried it twice and it is worth it,” said Vijhay.

So on Wednesday, my colleague Nurhusna Zulkifli and I decided to give the burgers a try.

First a warning. Woodfire, for now, is only for delivery and pick-up. Dine-ins will only be available in a few weeks. This is partly due to the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

Mohammad Ghozy Saharom, who runs the TTDI outlet, said: “Since we just opened, we decided to have takeaway and delivery for the time being.

“Also, because of CMCO, we need to ensure we follow the standard operating procedures.”

Woodfire offers chicken and beef patties but Nurhusna and I both wanted beef.

She chose the Beef Brisket while I opted for the Stuff Cheese Burger.

Here’s what she has to say about it.


Ate: Beef Brisket (Smoked brisket, smoked beef slices, onion string, BBQ sauce, cheese and pickle)

If you have weak gums but have been craving for a juicy, succulent, tender, meaty patty and what nots, the Brisket Burger with caramelised onions is THE ONE for you!

A tad pricey compared to the rest of the burgers, it is one worthy premium smoked burger that you would willingly pay for.

After witnessing how huge the burgers are, some of the others decided to order them for lunch the next day.

Haresh Deol, who does not eat beef, opted for the Mushroom Chicken burger.

Amar Qastellani went with the Stuff Cheese and Gourmet Burger while I chose the BBQ Burger. The two of us also ordered curly fries.

Here are our verdicts.


Ate: Mushroom Chicken (Tangy creamy sauce, mushroom, hashbrown, spicy sauce and chicken patty)

Overwhelming. It is good – way better than the burgers many of us are used to. It feels homemade too. It’s worth the price given how the prices of food just keep going up even if it is mediocre.

However, the mushroom chicken was too much for me! I struggled to finish it and at one point even asked myself why is it so big and meaty.

I won’t be eating this regularly, but when I do – I know it’s worth it.


Ate: Stuff Cheese (Tangy beef sauce, turkey slice, fried onions, grill pickle, beef patty with cheese)

Fast food burgers are usually cheap and bland. But Woodfire gourmet burgers on the other hand are wonderfully crafted.

The Stuff Cheese Beef Burger was not as big as other burgers but one bite was all it took to taste the soft buns, the quality meat patty, the home-made sauce and the garnishing.

Gourmet Burger (Creamy spicy sauce, turkey slice, tomato, pickle, chicken patty).

Fresh chicken breast that was perfectly coated with batter and deep fried until crispy. The rest of the burger complements the patty so well you hardly realise it’s huge.


Ate: BBQ Burger (BBQ sauce, sunny side egg, fried onions, pickle and beef patty) and Stuff Cheese.

The BBQ Burger – a messy yet tasty affair.

I don’t usually have pickles in my burgers but I did this time as it was delicious. The BBQ sauce had a hint of smokiness while the Woodfire sauce gave it a nice kick.

The yolk oozing down the burger after a slight squeeze gave it a luscious golden look and blended in well.

The caramelised onions and the juicy patty made it a satisfying meal.

I would dare say it is among the best burgers I’ve ever eaten – and I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in my life.

The curly fries, which come with the special Woodfire sauce, were fried to perfection. The only complaint about it? It wasn’t enough!

Woodfire KL

Address: A-1-10, Ground Floor, The Plaza, Jalan Wan Kadir 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Contact number: +60 11-3384 3034

Operating hours: Tuesday-Sunday (Closed Mondays)

Order Cut-Off Time

Lunch: 10pm a day in advance

Evening: 3pm same day

Dinner: 5pm same day