Being sentimental can drive you mental

There comes a time when you have to say, ‘enough is enough’. For us, it was yesterday.

As mentioned last week, we hired an electrician to rewire our apartment and fix our air conditioner.

He and his workers came over yesterday, and that was when the home minister and I realised we are hoarders – although not as terrifying as some of those on a TV show of the same name!

We had to move many unnecessary items from room to room and in the hall, to help them navigate the apartment.

It was comical as we got in their way several times!

We had an inkling of our tendency not to throw anything away six years ago when we repainted our place – but the point was hammered home yesterday.

So, now the home minister and I accept that we need to get rid of things. The process of sorting out what to keep and what to throw away or donate (some of the stuff are in good condition), began yesterday.

It will probably take us until next weekend to clear the stuff as we have a busy 48 hours, with another fun run tomorrow.

I know of many families in similar situations. The only difference is, that they have a spare room to ‘chuck’ the junk.

We, unfortunately, do not have such luxury, and it would not be unusual to see a box or two in our hall next to some unused exercise equipment!

The only good news was learning that even Marie Kondo knows how challenging it is to keep a home neat and tidy!

One good news about shifting the ‘junk’ around was finding some valuable items we thought were lost, including an old thumbdrive with some photographs.

I also found some football medals from the previous millennium and a couple of souvenirs from my time covering the 2016 Rio Olympics!

Sadly, at the time of writing, the guys are still hard at work, but I am sure the air-conditioner will work fine and the room will finally be cool.

Next is to see if all the work, including a new fuse box, would help with reducing the electricity bill.

Wish us luck.


The home minister and I will go for our third fun run of the year. I am hoping to end a jinx.

In the previous two fun runs, Liverpool lost in the English Premier League the night before, and the morning, of the events.
Hopefully, it will not be a third time as Liverpool travels to Crystal Palace tomorrow morning (3.45am).

Guess I will not get much sleep before the run!


For something different, here is a recipe for panchphoran aloo, or potatoes in whole spice. It is something I plan to try next weekend. Enjoy.


Talking about throwing out items reminds me of another John Prine song!

Yes, the singer-songwriter once again, ends another edition of the Diary, this time in a duet with Iris DeMent.

Until next week, stay safe.