Burger King Malaysia whets appetite for whopper of a year

Burger King Malaysia

As analysts forecast a gloomy 2020, Burger King Malaysia remains bullish of its prospects in the quick service restaurant sector as it plans to open 50 outlets by 2022.

Having opened its 100th store at IPC Shopping Centre in Bandar Utama last Friday, its chief executive officer Ng Lee Tieng stressed there is “huge potential” in the fast food world that is rapidly evolving.

“We have 18 drive-through outlets in Malaysia and 10 per cent of our sales margin is generated through online food applications but we believe there is still attraction at walk-in outlets,” said Ng.

“Consumers today are concerned about food safety and food quality and have moved beyond a point where fast food equals greasy burgers.”

With more exposure today, Ng added consumers seek to enjoy an outing with family and friends at a restaurant that doubles as an event space that also serves good food.

“Burger King has been serving 100 per cent authentic flame-grilled burgers in record time from the beginning. By providing a setting that reflects the craft of our menu, we would be providing an immersive experiential space for customers to enjoy their flame-grilled burger.”

Burger King Malaysia CEO Ng Lee Tieng
Ng hopes the new ambiance of the restaurant will also enhance the dining experience of customers. Image: Amar Qastellani/Twentytwo13

Ng, who admits eating at least two burgers a week, said Burger King is committed to offering consumers premium ingredients and signature recipes.

“Our audit of the ingredients used is very strict as we aim to make food safer for consumers. This is why we only source for the best and freshest ingredients from suppliers who can meet our requirements.”

She said raw ingredients are also sourced from abroad and admitted the exchange rate does impact its margins. But Ng said the increase in minimum wage as introduced by the government will encourage more sales.

“Malaysians are generally willing to spend about RM10 per meal and the decision by the government (to increase the minimum wage) will be beneficial to food operators like us,” Ng said.

During a kitchen tour, members of the Press noted different teams manning orders for chicken and beef meals. Even the grilling areas for the two meats are separate and the personnel from one meat section cannot work in the other meat section.

Members of the Press were also introduced to Burger King’s latest offering – the Honey Chipotle Burgers (chicken or beef) – which will be on the menu starting Feb 6, 2020.

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