Don’t resist ‘em resistance tubes, they can do wonders

Gymnasiums remain closed and there’s just no sign as to when enthusiasts can start lifting weights.

The high number of Covid-19 cases would only mean exercising will be limited to at home or within our neighbourhoods for a little while longer.

And let’s not kid ourselves – using the sofa (or refrigerator) as weights is just not good enough.

There’s no solution – unless of course you are super rich like Tony Stark and can dedicate a section of your home for a mini gymnasium, complete with proper flooring and equipment.

For the rest of us who struggle to even find a corner as we work from home, there’s something called resistance bands and tubes.

Before you Arnold Schwarzenegger-wannabes go berserk, rest assured that many non-hardcore gym goers would also frown when a flimsy resistance tube or band is thrown at them.

But when you actually give it a try, resistance tubes could end up being your best friend – forever.

Basic exercise routines like squats, push-ups and planks take a whole new dimension when a resistance tube or band is thrown into the mix.

The beauty of resistance tubes and bands is that they give you a complete workout, are inexpensive, light, and are great, either for newbies or hardcore athletes.

Most resistance bands and tubes come in various colours. The colours generally indicate the resistance levels. The Trident Resistance Tube with handles comes with various resistance levels – from 4.5kg to 18kg. The prices range from RM30 to RM55.

So where do I start? Which tension level would suit me?

Start out with the lowest tension level if you are new to resistance bands. However, if you have been carrying weights and consider yourself a professional, then the higher tensions would satisfy your craving. Resistance tubes with handles are great for various routines.

Most people don’t know what to make of a resistance band or tube. The question they often ask is: So, what do I with them?

There are numerous videos on YouTube for beginners. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself while working out. It can be quite a painful experience if the band or tube ends up slapping you in the face.

Here’s a 10-minute video showcasing some moves that you can start off with. Have fun with your resistance tubes. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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