Rashid Salleh

Double the laughs with Kopitiam: Double Shot

Three years ago, actors and comedians Douglas Lim and Rashid Salleh were approached to do a remake of Malaysia’s famous sitcom ‘Kopitiam’.

And they said no.

“We said no because of nostalgia and wondered if it was a generational thing. What was good then may not work now,” said Rashid, when met after the press conference to announce ‘Kopitiam: Double Shot’ at Petaling Jaya earlier today.

“But after many discussions, we actually said yes and started working on it late last year.”

Lim plays Steven while Rashid is Joe in ‘Kopitiam: Double Shot’, which airs on streaming platform Viu from Nov 28.

Lim and Rashid are the only members of the original cast from the show which originally aired on NTV7 from 1998 – 2003.

The latest version sees the likes of Sharifah Amani (Alia), Melissa Campbell (Seleb), Harvinth Skin (Tim) and Charles Roberts (Baboo) playing roles that would appeal to the younger viewers.

Kopitiam: Double Shot crew
The Kopitiam: Double Shot crew

“A lot of the older audience loved Kopitiam … it was special as it transcended all barriers and races.”

Lim and his crew from the Malaysia Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) headed the writing team while the 10 episodes were directed by Imri Nasution.

Rashid said Kopitiam: Double Shot will capture a new audience.

“It’s a new take on a classic show. The new audience will like it, based on the reaction we got during the press conference. A lot of care was taken into how it was written, why the brand succeeded … we looked at those stuff to make sure it is relevant in this day and age for the new audience.”

He was confident viewers will be pleasantly surprised with the show, especially the pilot and urged fans to watch the show.

So, is Joe still a blur character?

“Blur but successful,” said Rashid in jest.

And what about Steven?

“Still sarcastic, witty and the years have given him an edge.”

While Rashid is looking forward to the show, he is now focused on this Saturday’s Fight For Change 2019.

Fight for Change 2019

Fight For Change 2019 is co-organised by the Malaysia Mixed Martial Arts Association, where Rashid is the president, and Twentytwo13. The event, to change the perception of mixed martial arts and to fight for the welfare of journalists in Malaysia, is supported by the National Press Club of Malaysia.

“The show is great and I’m really eager to see it on air. But right now, I hope to see more people come support Fight For Change 2019,” he said.