From dancing for a Big Gulp to performing with Usher – the evolution of Christian Marc Theseira

Christian Marc Theseira or simply Christian to his fans, has always loved entertaining people.

Even in school, he was known as ‘the musical guy’ and wrote his first song when he was only 13 for his then girlfriend.

“The first song I wrote was called ‘Fallen’ an acoustic guitar ballad … good times,” said Theseira.

“I was always into music and did a lot of musicals and played for a band in school. I was known as ‘that musical guy’. It came quite naturally to me.”

Theseira was also a ‘jock’ as he was a good football player and spent most of his free time playing the game.

But his ‘natural abilities’ in music would see him lean towards entertainment as a way to make a living. It also helped him ‘score’ free drinks when he was younger.

“Michael Jackson was a huge influence. When I was a kid, I used to moonwalk in a 7-Eleven to get a free Big Gulp,” recalled Theseira.

“Although MJ helped trigger my passion for music, my main musical love is American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer D’Angelo.

“Locally, my heroes are Reshmonu, Jose Thomas, Aubrey Suwito.”

Theseira just released a new single ‘Pillow Talk’ which has been described as a laidback alternative R&B number.

He is also releasing an album and new single next month about his struggles in a nine-to-five job and why he eventually chose a career in music.

“That single will be out at the end of September,” said Theseira, who self-produced the songs in his home studio.

“The entire album was produced, mixed and mastered at home during the MCO (Movement Control Order).

“The acoustics are not the best but I found ways to work around and still get really good audio quality,” said Theseira, who is still active with the band Back2Basixx.

Theseira said he didn’t find it unusual working from home during MCO as that has been his routine for a long time.

“It was not a problem for me but I do feel for those who are struggling economically. I’ve been more careful with my finances during this period but there have been some positives.

“One of which is I got to spend more time with my family. Everything and everyone was less stressed and it was actually good for the environment!” said Theseira, who also used the semi-lockdown to brush up on his cooking skills.

Asked how he felt when he first saw his album at the stores, Theseira replied: “For me, that was a major achievement. You work hard trying to get your foot in the door and there were times I was unsure if I could make it.

“I just persevered and it paid off.”

Theseira has gone on to perform with the likes of Usher, DNCE, Anggun and Yuna.

“It was a dream come true to perform with them. It is a great feeling to know people take your craft seriously which is something I worked hard to attain.”

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