Fun frisbee workouts fit for families

When you think of workouts, you think of dumb bells, yoga mats or skipping ropes.

However, there’s an equipment that is often overlooked – a frisbee.

Right about now, you could be asking yourself – “How am I going to get fit by throwing a round plastic object?”

Trust us, you will.

You and your friends, family members, or even pet dog, can have a good cardiovascular workout just by throwing and catching a frisbee. All you need is a frisbee and plenty of space.

Don’t believe us? Watch these frisbee athletes in action:

The Trident Frisbees are made of lightweight and durable polypropylene, and conform to official size, and weight specifications. Made in Taiwan, there are two weight options available – 165g and 175g.

They are priced at RM18 and RM19 each, depending on the weight, and come in various colours – from black to bright pink and neon green.

Getting into a frisbee activity will see you bursting into sprints. You will be able to burn plenty of calories and improve agility – evident in the quick turns and jumps.

More importantly, it’s a great activity that promises hours of fun.

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