Getting the most out of a wall ball – without a wall

The moment the Trident Master Premium Wall Ball (3kg) reached our doorstep, the team at Twentytwo13 took a step back.

“Now where do we try this out?”

With most of us staying in apartments and condominiums, the last thing we would want to do is to annoy our neighbours with a ball slamming against the wall.

Working from home had also taught us that even the slightest noise could be annoying, especially in the middle of an online meeting or webinar.

And we know that many others out there may skip purchasing the wall ball for precisely the same reasons.

The proper way of using a wall ball is by squatting with the ball in your hands, and as you get up, you push the ball to the target on the wall and catch it back again. Sounds easy? Not really, especially if you are doing the same routine more than 20 times.

The other problem is finding a 10-foot wall in your home which the ball can bounce against – without breaking anything in the house or causing any arguments with your neighbours.

This magic ball can be used without a wall and you’ll still be able to work towards that firm, toned body you have always dreamt of.

Here are some routines you can try out:

1. Wall ball squat to press

Find an open space. Squat with the wall ball in your hands. As you get up, release the wall ball up in the air and catch it.

2. Side-to-side push-up

Imagine doing push-ups, but with one hand on the ball. Switch hands each time you complete a push-up.

3. Plank wall ball drag

Imagine doing a plank but in a push-up mode. While holding that pose, take your right hand and drag the ball from the left to the right. Repeat the same move with your left hand.

Here’s a video you can watch

You can also find other ways of improvising the routines to get a good workout that best suits your needs.

Don’t let the lack of space (or wall) turn you off. Have fun with the wall ball.

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