Info on Wheels evolves, adopts targeted approach in spreading messages, including on Merdeka

It was an initiative that saw vehicles, armed with loudspeakers, entering villages, cities, and the rural heartland to disseminate information to the people, mostly on government policies.

The Information Department of Malaysia’s ‘Unit Hebahan Bergerak’ also aired movies, much to the delight of the local communities.

With the advancement of technology, the department’s strategy has evolved. Today, the initiative is known as ‘Info on Wheels’ (IOW). The manner in which information is disseminated has also changed.

IOW has been busy throughout 2021, visiting various locations nationwide, as it reminds the people to stay alert in the battle against Covid-19, and to sign up for the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme.

From January 2021 till Aug 17, the department had carried out 17,253 IOW programmes in 84,980 locations nationwide.

This month, it had been spreading the message of unity and patriotism ahead of two key celebrations – Merdeka on Aug 31, and Malaysia Day on Sept 16.

“Most of us have cell phones these days and this is the age of social media. But nothing beats face-to-face interaction, while still maintaining the Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council,” said Information Department deputy director (strategic communications) Zainudin Ismail on Bernama TV recently.

“We visit as many locations and public areas as possible. In a way, people are forced to listen to us. You can’t switch us off,” he added in jest.

“We know information can be disseminated online, but we believe that this method is still relevant.”

Zainudin said the department adopted a targeted approach that focused on local communities.

“This includes spreading our message in the local district, or state dialects. This is to ensure our message is understood by every level of society.”

Through IOW, the department aimed to strengthen the spirit of patriotism and unity among Malaysians.

“We have also been handing out the Jalur Gemilang while educating the people on how to fly and respect the flag.”

This is among the very many programmes lined up by the department throughout the months of August and September. They include the #JalurGemilangChallenge on TikTok and a photography contest.

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