MCO boredom? Perk up and enjoy Unrestricted Stage

We’ve been seeing numerous postings on social media in recent days on how people are bored out of their minds staying at home because of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to fight Covid-19.

“It’s only 3.30pm” or “Staring at the wall” have become commonplace postings on Facebook.

Fret not, at least today. You’re in for a full day of entertainment right at home – thanks to Barry M. Westerhout, who had a brainwave three days ago while, yes you guessed it, being extremely bored.

Westerhout was watching live videos of artistes from around the world when the idea struck him.

“Could I possibly gather some of our local artistes for a solid, scheduled day of entertainment?

“That may help us to stay in and allow some other form of whiling away the time besides tuning in to Netflix,” he said.

The local music scene lover made his move. He posted his thoughts on Facebook, not expecting much.

“To my surprise, people started commenting and liking the post. So I took it a step further and asked a couple of them if they would like to perform and they were up for it.”

“They in turn asked their friends and it snowballed from there. What started as a simple Facebook status evolved into an event page with at least 26 acts confirmed for what we have named Unrestricted Stage,” said Westerhout who has been in the corporate training line since 2007.

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The acts will feature not only singing but also poetry reading, spoken word, art basics, and even card reading. The artistes are professionals who are doing it for free. It is more a contribution to promote Malaysian togetherness in these trying times.

Westerhout expressed his appreciation to the artistes for making the effort to do something beneficial.

It’s a Sunday. Most of you don’t even have to work from home.

Get your drink ready, even if it’s warm water, get comfy in your favourite chair, then either on your laptops or phone click on the Unrestricted Stage Facebook page to get more details.

Showtime starts at 10am and goes on up to almost midnight.

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