The RSS with HD is only the beginning

The RSS with HD

A new weekly talk show debuts today as those behind the project say this is only the beginning in their mission to air people’s perspectives while breaking boundaries.

‘The RSS with HD’ features actor, comedian and sports journo Rashid Salleh and Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol. The director of photography is Malek Hue.

Aired on YouTube channel ‘The RSS’ at 2pm, the first episode discusses racism in sports in Malaysia.

The show, mainly in the English language and to be aired every Sunday, is produced by Toucan Media and content creation agency Professional Storytellers.

“Haresh and I have known each other for a long time and the stuff we have done in the past resonates well and people remember us for what we have done,” said Rashid.

“It’s not just the way he writes but the way he speaks, people can understand and relate because he tells it how it is. And that’s important for this show.”

Rashid said lots of people do talk shows but a sports-centric talk show in the English language caters for a niche market.

“There is a gap and we are filling that gap through this show.”

Rashid gave the assurance the partnership between Toucan Media and Professional Storytellers is only the beginning. Even before the show was aired, the producers have already obtained a sponsor through sports apparel company Amnig which sponsored the attire for the 10-episode first season.

“This is not a short-term project. And I never think bad.”

“This is also to tell the corporate guys that sports has a brand and is big business.”

“We are constantly learning but Toucan Media and Professional Storytellers have lots of experience in this so we should share our knowledge and how we feel about such content.”

Rashid added this show is an alternative to what the major broadcasters are offering.

Haresh is excited over the prospect of the show and hopes this will create more conversations about sports and other newsworthy topics.

“We will tell it as it is. We appreciate feedback and truly hope you will enjoy the show as much as we did producing it,” added Haresh.