Theatre of Owls ready to take flight

Theatre of Owls (main image) consists of three friends who have known each other for years, but only started playing as a band after the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Despite their relatively short career, Theatre of Owls has already recorded its first single – Vampire – and plans on releasing an original song every quarter, and an extended play album next year.

An extended play or EP consists of four to six songs, while a long play (LP) album contains seven tunes or more.

Guitarist S. Rajiv said his bandmates, Marichu Sabanal and Govind, all have day jobs, but formed the band to help raise awareness for the less fortunate.

Last month, while playing a show in Swig in Petaling Jaya, they passed the hat around and collected around RM1,500 that they donated to The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM).

Tonight, they will play another gig at the same venue in aid of Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah.

“Music is in our blood. We used to jam with friends. During the pandemic, we wrote songs and made music online. After the lockdowns, we said we should try performing live,” said Rajiv, whose musical influences include U2, Foo Fighters, Naked Breed, and Disagree.

“We started by playing at small functions, and then at friends’ weddings, before getting some gigs.

“We also vowed that we should do something besides playing music, so we hit upon the idea of passing the hat around during our shows to raise money for worthy causes.”

Rajiv said the reason they picked NASOM as the beneficiary was because the band members have several friends who had relatives who suffered from autism.

Coincidentally, last month was also International Autism Awareness Month.

“More and more children are diagnosed with autism. So, we thought we should do something to help the national association,” said Rajiv, who works in the oil palm and biotechnology industry.

Meanwhile, he said the band’s first single was written during the pandemic and is about people feeling trapped and finding it hard to escape a situation.

“It could be their job, love life, or friendship, and not knowing what to do. It was how many of us felt when we were stuck at home during the lockdowns,” joked Rajiv.

“We plan to release a single every three months before coming out with an EP.”


About a week ago, I misplaced my company identification tag. I thought it was gone forever until the phone in the office rang on Wednesday.

It was from a private clinic a few doors away. A nurse said her cleaning staff had found the tag.

There are still good people out there.


Most new cars these days are keyless. You open the doors by touch. It is the same when starting the engine, just push a button.

After driving the new Axia – a fine car, by the way – I cannot help but miss the old-style car keys.

Also, automatic transmission cars, while easier to handle, take some getting used to.

Oh well, it is a good thing I am still using my manual drive Exora.


Chess pie is a mainstay of the Southern dessert table because it is gooey, buttery, and incredibly sweet. Here is a recipe for one such pie.


Legendary songstress Dolly Parton has released a new 30-track rock album called Rockstar.

The 77-year-old country star has roped in Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sting, Miley Cyrus and Lizzo, among her ‘guests’.

She released the first single – World on Fire – on May 11, the song which ends this week’s Diary.

Until next week, stay safe.