Tough, versatile powerbags often overlooked, but ideal for taxing workouts

Most often than not, a powerbag will not be on your shopping list when it comes to getting workout gear.

In fact, some people may raise their eyebrows when “powerbag” is mentioned. What is a powerbag?

In the past, exercise enthusiasts would fill up bags with sand and use them as an exercise tool. A powerbag uses the same concept. The Trident Master premium powerbag, for example, is filled with mineral sand and is covered with anti-slip PVC leather.

It is an equipment worth considering as the powerbag is tough and ideal for most of your taxing workouts.

For those who indulge in mixed martial arts, the powerbag can double up as a floor bag.

Some of the exciting and effective routines with a powerbag include:

  • carrying the powerbag while doing uppercuts.
  • with your hands on the powerbag, place your body weight, and move side to side.
  • practicing simple guard passing.

There are many other ways a powerbag can be incorporated into your sessions. They include squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

Here’s a short video that highlights the many ways of using a powerbag.

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