Unrestricted salute to our frontliners

Last Sunday’s interactive event – Unrestricted Stage – was a big enough success to spur organiser Barry Westerhout and his friends to do another one.

It will be different this time because it’s to honour our frontliners in the fight against Covid-19. Also it will be a two-day event starting on Saturday.

Last Sunday’s Unrestricted Stage saw about 30 Malaysian artistes, professionals and amateurs came together to share their work with the rest of the world, in the hope of bringing positivity to our society in these trying times.

The Malaysian performing arts scene has definitely been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Even before the Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed on March 18, artistes were already struggling to secure a decent living, what more an audience to appreciate their work.

The March 22 event was the brainchild of local music scene lover Westerhout.

Artistes from all walks of life took centre stage from the comfort of their homes as early as 10am, all in the name of giving and love.

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Poets, singers, dancers and even scuba diving instructors shared their experience for free.

Nearly 500 people attended the Facebook event and were treated to 12 hours of interactive entertainment.

This weekend’s event will be dedicated to all the brave frontliners, who risk their lives to keep us safe from the deadly coronavirus.

For details, click on the event’s Facebook page.