Malaysians unite to spread Christmas cheer

Last Sunday, the home minister and I were at the We Love We Care We Share’s (WLWCWS) Christmas goodies and plant sale.

WLWCWS is a Facebook-based charity group that works with representatives from the Women’s Aid Organisation, old folks’ homes and orphanages, besides helping other causes.

Although a long-time member of the group, I have been more of a silent participant, doing what little I can over the years.

However, I know many friends who actively take part in WLWCWS events, such as delivering food and other necessities to the East Coast and other areas during the flood season, and providing for the underserved – before, during, and after, Covid-19.

So, it was nice to meet some of the other members, especially the big boss, Ivan Zuzartee, and Theresa Stewart.

What struck us, and our guests who visited the booths, was the decoration by Zuzartee, which made the place feel just like home.

We met some wonderful people from diverse backgrounds and religions, and tasted delicious food!

Stewart’s Sugee cake – a standard among the Eurasian community – was a big hit with my mother. An ex-colleague, Dawn Chan, said her mother also gave it the seal of approval.

It is never easy pleasing the older folks, but Stewart’s cakes hit the spot. Guess what am I having for tea later today.

We also purchased a brandy fruitcake from another vendor, which we plan to open during Christmas.

For lunch, one of the members sold roast lamb, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. We regretted only ordering one set each!

Remember the part about diversity? Although it was a ‘Christmas party’, we bought some crunchy, savoury murukku from a Malay lady!

My cousin’s wife, who came to support us, remarked how cosy and family-like the atmosphere was. She, too, was bowled over by the roast lamb.

As a bonus, the sale allowed me to meet with former colleagues and old friends who came to support the cause.

The home minister used the event to showcase and explain Sarawak kek lapis (layer cake) to the crowd.

A couple of weeks ago, she baked a few cakes to sell at a charity event in a mall, and among the remarks then were, “Aiyaa… why so colourful…”.

Some said: “I am too scared to eat anything with that many colours”, and “Will I get diabetes from eating such a rich cake?”

No one wanted to know the history, or how to make the cakes. But last week, many enquired about the technique and the ingredients.

Zuzartee was a gracious host who provided the vendors with an air-conditioned hall, a free flow of coffee, tea, mineral water, and lots of food.

It was a great bonding session that demonstrated how Malaysians of different races and religions can live in harmony – especially when there are no politicians in sight!


The World Health Organisation has asked China to provide “detailed information” regarding a respiratory disease afflicting children in the country’s north.

WHO is seeking “additional epidemiologic and clinical information” after learning of “undiagnosed pneumonia” cases in infants.

The South China Morning Post reported overcrowding in Northern Chinese hospitals due to the recent increase in the number of sick children. Hopefully, this is not a new ‘Covid-19’.


Get ready for a unique experience as Menteri Besar Selangor (Incorporated) leads eco-tourism in Sabak Bernam with Karnival Ban Canal from Dec 8-10.

In collaboration with the Sabak Bernam District Council (MDSB) and the Selangor Canoe Association (SCAN), this community carnival aims to showcase the natural treasures and culture of the area while emphasising sustainable tourism practices.

Check out their Instagram page for more information on the programmes.


Want to exercise and help the environment at the same time? Then head to Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery next Saturday, at 7am, for an ecotrail fun run and yoga programme.

The event is for those aged 12 and above and consists of two distances – 5km (adults) and 2km (children and senior citizens). Participants need to complete a set of tasks at each checkpoint.

To participate, bring two empty plastic bottles to the registration counter to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

There will be prizes for the quickest finishers, lucky draws, and quizzes. Participants are encouraged to wear blue, black, or white T-shirts.


A bit of a rant. On Tuesday, the home minister was at her boot camp. Halfway through their workout, the group noticed a young kid, not older than three, dressed in white, walking aimlessly around the area. His parents were nowhere to be found.

One of the participants asked her children, sitting patiently on the benches, to approach the kid.

What had happened was, his mother was busy on her phone at the end of the field and did not realise that her son had wandered off.

The home minister then approached the lady to tell her about her child. She replied nonchalantly that “the area is safe” and returned to playing with her phone.

After the home minister told her off, the lady walked over to her son, eyes still glued to her phone.

On Thursday, a man parked his motorcycle in front of my apartment block. He was playing with his phone, leaving the child, who was with him, unattended.

The little kid was about to cross the road when a car turned the corner. Luckily, the driver saw the kid and honked. Only then did the guy rush to grab the child’s hand.



If you are looking for an easy bread recipe, this is it. These rolls are stress-free and take only 30 minutes. Best of all, you do not need yeast or eggs!

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