Time to make a resolution and stick to it

Today is the sixth day of January. How many of you have already broken your New Year’s resolution?

I do not usually make resolutions because I know I will not stick to them.

But this year is different. After a recent medical check-up, I have decided that I will lose at least 10kg by the end of the year.

So, I shall go on record and say that my resolution this year is to shed that weight.

The good news is that following my check-up, the doctor reduced the dosage of one of my medicines. So, that has given me the motivation to be healthier in 2024.

I had previously tried to be healthy but never followed through because I have a sweet tooth. I love my chocolates, and ice cream and gelato and cakes. Well, you get the picture.

But now, it is different because while I have been told that I can still have my sweets, I need to cut down so that I can reduce my dosage even further (which means I can save some money!)

So, instead of sacrificing everything, I can still have a slice of cake instead of three, and two squares of dark chocolates, instead of the whole bar.

The key to being healthy means eating right. That is something I have not done because I have an erratic eating habit.

Sometimes, I have dinner at seven, and sometimes, as late as 10pm. The same goes for lunch, too. Sometimes, it could be as early as 11am, and as late as 3pm.

So, now I have to be more consistent in the timing of my meals. I will stick to it, as I am on record, so I have no choice but to follow through.

I also plan to take another Covid-19 vaccine booster as I believe having had three shots of the vaccine helped me when I got the coronavirus for the second time just before Christmas.

Unlike the first time, the symptoms were not so bad, and I even managed to complete two 10km walks in my bedroom.

Stay healthy, folks.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the home minister and I hardly went to the laundrette. We only started going there last year, but our usual place closed down in October.

We have found a new outlet, closer to home. The best part is that these machines accept payments via e-wallets, so we no longer have to change notes into coins or download unnecessary mobile applications to use them.

How’s that for ‘money laundering?’.


If you are looking for plants to spruce up your home or office, head to Subang Parade this weekend where there is an Urban Plant Market from now until 10pm tomorrow.


These hamburgers are from one of Mark Bittman’s favourite books, ‘The Best Recipes in the World’. Why not try it today?


For the first time in nearly 50 years, the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley is back in the top 20 of the Hot 100 charts.

His holiday song, Blue Christmas rose to No. 18, last week, the first he has had a hit in the top 20 since 1977 when Way Down also peaked at No 18.

The King ends this week’s Diary with that song.

Until next week, stay safe.

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