Actor-comedian Anas Ridzuan gets his 70s vibe going this Hari Raya

We were taken back in time last Monday when Prasarana Malaysia Bhd – owner-operator of Malaysia’s urban rail services – unveiled its Hari Raya video to the media.

Entitled ‘Raya Leman Travolta’, it tells the story of Leman, who ‘lives’ in the 1970s and idolises John Travolta.

It is a simple, humorous video that compels viewers to continue watching until the end.

Central to the video is actor-comedian Anas Ridzuan, who plays the main character, Leman Travolta, complete with a 1970s hairdo and fashion accessories.

“It was a blast shooting the video,” said the 34-year-old Shah Alam resident.

“I am familiar with the 70s as I listened to the songs, growing up. My father was a big fan of the era’s music.

“Many of my favourite songs are also from the 1970s. It was also fun acting with the guys from Sixers.”

The Sixers is what six friends – Faixyl, Syahir, Jojoi, Abu, Anas, and Wan – call themselves and their barbershop at Dataran Larkin in Johor.

The sextet opened their shop in 2015 and filled it with 1970s memorabilia.

Anas said he could relate to the theme and end of the video, but added: “I better not reveal too much about that. Go watch it yourself!”

Anas’ first movie role was in ‘CEO’ in 2014, and his latest film – ‘Seindah Kasih The Movie’ – came out on the streaming service Tonton on April 12.

The father of three said things are looking up after a long pause during the Covid-19 pandemic, and he hopes to stretch himself by playing more varied characters.

“I have already played many types of characters, but hope to do more dark comedies,” said Anas, who revealed he is in another corporate Hari Raya video for a local bank.

“I enjoy doing these Hari Raya videos – as they can be fun and emotional.”

Meanwhile, Faixyl said the Sixers are venturing into other businesses.

“We started as barbers eight years ago, but in our shop, we have an art space where we do movie and food reviews,” said Faixyl, who revealed that they love the 1970s because the people were more free-spirited and rebellious.

“We shot short video clips previously, but this is our first ‘Hari Raya video’.

“We supplied the wardrobe for Astro First’s movie ‘Sahul Bhai’, which will be out soon, and hope to create more content in future.”

Selamat Hari Raya, folks.


The American Chemical Society (ACS), a non-profit organisation established by the United States Congress, has announced the development of a sensor that can detect the viruses that cause Covid-19 and the flu, quicker than conventional tests.

One of the scientists responsible for developing the sensor said: “It would be useful to have a sensor that can simultaneously detect whether you have Covid-19, flu, none of the above, or both”.

The researchers revealed their findings at the ACS Spring meeting that featured over 10,000 talks on scientific subjects late last month.

For the record, Malaysia recorded 5,149 Covid-19 cases from April 9-15.


Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday.

It was a bittersweet moment as it meant Dr Noor Hisham had to retire as the country’s Health director-general.

The unassuming doctor was the face of calmness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your service, sir.


I am still not over the ayam percik I had last week, so here is another recipe for this Kelantanese delicacy. Enjoy!


We end this week’s Diary with Prasarana’s Hari Raya video.

Until next week, stay safe.