All non-medical face masks must soon be certified by SIRIM

All non-medical grade face masks sold in Malaysia must soon be certified by SIRIM.

It is learnt that the new regulation for face masks to be tested and certified will be announced by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry soon.

The directive, however, will not affect the current 70 sen ceiling price for a 3-ply face mask.

Local manufacturers and importers of such face masks will have to get their products tested and certified by SIRIM before they are sold.

SIRIM is a government agency under the International Trade and Industry Ministry. Its subsidiary, SIRIM QAS International, is the country’s leading testing, inspection, and certification services provider.

“The number of Covid-19 infections is on the rise. We want consumers to feel safe knowing that the face masks they wear meet the required standards,” said a source who is familiar with the matter.

“This is to ensure that consumers will be better protected.”

The face masks that had been tested and certified would come with SIRIM’s logo on the boxes or packaging.

“If a consumer buys a box of face masks that carries the SIRIM mark from a roadside stall, he or she will know that the product is of quality.”

It is understood that manufacturers and importers would be given “adequate time” to get their products tested and certified, before enforcement kicks in.

While surgical masks used in hospitals are regulated by the Medical Device Authority – a division under the Health Ministry – face masks worn by the public are not regulated by the same agency.

Some face masks sold in the market are of substandard quality and offer little, or no protection to users.