Angels in disguise help feed those in need

Tired of the irresponsible lot who are defying the Movement Control Order (MCO)? Rest assured they are still many kind souls out there.

The difference is, these people prefer to remain anonymous as they believe in doing good without bragging or becoming ‘social media’ stars.

These kind souls have inspired Chef on Wheels owner Seet Wai Song to start a Sponsor A Meal (SAM) programme to help feed the homeless, front liners such as nurses, law enforcement officers as well as university students stuck in their dormitories during these trying times.

Malaysia initiated the two-week MCO on March 18 to try to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“Right now, I’m preparing about 400 meals a day thanks to these sponsors,” said Seet, who has been in the food business for close to 30 years.

“Some want to help the homeless, some sponsor nurses and other front liners who are overwhelmed and have no time to get good food.

“Some of them feel sorry for the university students stuck in their dorms and have no place to get good, hot meals.”

“We delivered some food to a hospital on Thursday. Although we couldn’t go in, we arranged for someone to do the pick-up.”

But right now, Seet and his sponsors involved in feeding the homeless are stuck due to the lack of proper guidelines and information.

He said there are many ways of delivering food to the homeless such as takeaways.

“Those running soup kitchens are speaking to the authorities to resolve the matter.

“They have to act fast as there are many vulnerable souls out there,” said Seet, who has catered for international artists such as Mariah Carey and Guns N’ Roses.

“One way is to prepare takeaways or put up signs informing them not to stand too close to each other when queuing for the food.

“We need to take care of them as they are struggling. When restaurants were open, some of them could get meals from there.”

Seet added: “We want to extend our service to those willing to sponsor a meal. We have a cafe in Taman Tun Dr Ismail so it won’t be a problem plus we are halal-certified.”

To find out how you can sponsor a meal, contact Seet at +6012-3988907.

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