Are there still good cops in the force?

Earlier this week, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador revealed there are cartels within Royal Malaysia Police who are out to bring him down.

The IGP’s statement was a shocker as he revealed the movement consisted of young officers who want to dominate the police force so that it will be easier for them to carry on “their dirty work.”

In her column in news portal Getaran this week, Twentytwo13′s managing editor Pearl Lee said that in recent years, public perception of the force has taken a turn for the worse.

In recent months, many police officers are turning accused persons over various offences.

Recent cases include:

March 14: Two police officers were arrested on suspicion of theft at a convenience store in SS6 Kelana Jaya, Selangor.

March 12: Abdul Hamid confirmed an inspector in Penang was involved in the release of a Macau scam suspect.

March 1: Abdul Hamid said 31 police officers have been identified as working hand in glove with the Macau scam syndicate.

Feb 26: Six police officers were among 14 people arrested in a wild party in an apartment in Ipoh, Perak. Initial investigations revealed five officers had tested positive for drugs.

Feb 13: A woman claimed a policeman at a roadblock in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur had sexually harassed her for not wearing a bra. She claimed the cop said he would not issue her a fine for driving without a licence if she could prove otherwise.

Jan 16: Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) director Datuk Zamri Yahya said disciplinary action would be taken against 11 senior and junior officers over the rape of a 16-year-old female suspect at the Miri police station by a 19-year-old male detainee.

Pearl wrote the involvement of cops in criminal cases was no longer about a few bad apples tarnishing the image of the force.

There are many policemen with records and still serving the force as they have got away with light disciplinary action.

She asked how will society trust and respect the force if policemen themselves do not take their jobs seriously.

In conjunction with the 214th Police Day celebration on March 25, some may wonder if there are still those who are willing to serve the nation and uphold the integrity of the force.

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