Beechcraft Super King Air makes emergency landing at RMAF Subang Airbase

A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Beechcraft Super King Air B200T aircraft made an emergency landing at RMAF Subang Airbase this afternoon after experiencing problems with its left landing gear.

Dramatic footage showed that the aircraft, with four on board – pilot, co-pilot, navigator and observer – touched down at Subang’s Runway 15 at 1.13pm, after declaring an emergency. Its front nose and right landing gear were deployed but the left was not extended and locked.

Amid the blare of rescue sirens and warning klaxons, the aircraft, callsign ‘Sintar 02’ and powered by two turboprop engines, made a textbook landing.

Sparks and smoke could be seen around the left wing as the aircraft skidded on the tarmac before looping to left onto the grass strip next to the runway.

It is believed that the aircraft, registration number M41-02, is operated by No. 16 Squadron and is tasked with maritime patrol and air surveillance.

In 2021, the RMAF confirmed that it will procure six new maritime patrol aircraft to replace its ageing fleet of Beechcraft Super King Airs.