Confronted by scammer, online seller advises people of dodgy buyers

Allan Netto recently put up an advertisement on a local e-commerce website.

The brand manager who is also an active hockey player, however, has been hounded by ‘scammers’ instead of genuine buyers.

“I helped my uncle, who runs a workshop, put an advertisement for a car engine on the website,” said Netto.

“I’ve been using the website for several years and while I got to know some good customers, there are plenty of dodgy ones out there.

“I’ve been approached by scammers before and have complained to the website but it is still happening. It’s disappointing as the website claims to safeguard those who use the site,” he added.

Netto said in the past week, he has been approached by seven ‘buyers’ all purportedly interested in buying the engine.

All claim they are based overseas and needed Netto to pay some agent fees to their banks before funds can be released to purchase the engines.

“The modus operandi is the same. The WhatsApp or email messages are almost word for word,” said Netto, who earlier this week ‘sent’ proof of receipt to one of the scammers.

“I took a picture of my middle finger and sent it to him.

“I was surprised that the guy actually video called me and demanded to see my face! I refused but I did take a screenshot of his.”

Netto said he is lucky he has not lost any money but is worried about the more gullible ones out there.

This is especially so as more and more Malaysians are now making purchases on online platforms.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s Enforcement Command Centre said up to June 30, online scams topped the list with 6,187 complaints.

“Please be careful. There are so many people out there waiting to scam you,” said Netto.

Anyway, today is the 228th day of the Movement Control Order, and this is the 20th weekly edition of ‘The MCO Diaries’.


These scary numbers beat any horror movie you are planning to watch on Halloween.

In the past week, there has been an increase of 6,375 cases, bringing the total to 30,889 with Malaysia passing the 30,000 milestone on Thursday.

The number of deaths shot up by 35 to 249 while recoveries rose to 20,248. Worldwide, the number of cases exceeded 45.4 million with deaths holding at nearly 1.2 million.

The United States, which holds its presidential elections on Tuesday, still ‘leads’ with over 9.2 million cases and more than 230,000 deaths.


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In honour of Halloween, here are nine horror movies inspired by real-life events.


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Only Zlatan Ibrahimovic can get away with this message.


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Ricorda di indossare la mascherina, mantieni le distanze e proteggi chi ti sta vicino, sempre. Vinciamo noi! @regionelombardia.official

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I used to go to the cinema at least once a week. But the last time I went to catch a movie was in late February or early March.

As such, it comes as no surprise that the Malaysian Association of Film Exhibitors (MAFE) has collectively decided to suspend operations.

MAFE said the closure is a cohesive decision undertaken by the industry in light of the recent implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order in some states across Malaysia, which requires cinemas to remain closed.

Hopefully, it will not be a permanent decision.


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