Day 200? It feels like the first day of MCO

Today we reach two milestones – the 200th day of the Movement Control Order (MCO) which began on March 18 – as well as the 100th issue of ‘The MCO Diaries’.

‘The MCO Diaries’ was a daily affair from March 18 to June 9, the eve of the Recovery MCO (RMCO) period. It then became a weekly chronicle.

I was looking forward to celebrating the double milestones as I was hoping the worse was over – although deep down I knew it wasn’t.

When Malaysia entered RMCO we only had seven cases – but now it has got much worse.

After months of hardship, including a lockdown, Covid-19 returned with a vengeance, no thanks to politicians and Covidiots who don’t follow the standard operating procedures.

Yesterday, Malaysia recorded its worst day of new infections – 287 – breaking the unwanted record of 277 cases recorded on June 4.

Two days ago, we had 272 cases. The majority of these cases are related to Sabah.

The number of new cases shot up by 1,084 over the week to 11,771 with fatalities up by three to 136. Globally, the death toll surpassed one million on Tuesday and the number of cases is more than 34.5 million.

Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago called for schools to be closed while images of school children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Permatang Janggus being tested for Covid-19 went viral, enraging citizens.

A parent from Penang is also threatening to sue Universiti Malaysia Pahang if it insists on students taking their final exams on campus next week.

News also broke that 700 police officers are undergoing quarantine after being in Sabah during the state elections.

The general population is agitated and pissed off with the blunders of our lawmakers as well as the double standards in enforcement.

I received this via WhatsApp and agree 100 per cent.

We can only hope and pray we don’t have another lockdown. For now, stay safe people and don’t go out unless it is necessary.


Don’t you wish you could travel back in time to stop the spread of the coronavirus?

According to science, time travel is a possibility!

If I could go back in time, I would rather visit our politicians’ parents to hand them condoms.


From Oct 1, all parking meters in Kuala Lumpur ‘died’ … as City Hall implemented a cashless system. This move should be applauded.

However, two of the most popular e-wallets – Boost and Touch ’n Go – which previously could be used to pay for parking, aren’t integrated into the new system.

Motorists now have to download one of four applications – EZ Smart Park, Flexiparking, Wilayah Parking or M-Cash – to pay for parking.

Not only do we have to have another app on the phone, but our money will also now be ‘parked’ there.

I pity those who do not use smartphones (Yes, there are still some around).

Hopefully, City Hall sorts out the mess quickly.


Pubs and entertainment outlets have yet to open and apparently, some bartenders have ‘found a new career’ if this picture widely shared on WhatsApp is to be believed!


MyFitnessPal has some ideas for those who are struggling to lose weight with simple hacks that take less than 15 minutes.


I’ve made no secret of my love for John Prine and was excited to learn that Austin City Limits kicks off its latest season today with a tribute to the singer-songwriter.

I’m hoping this link, which is available for four weeks from tomorrow, will allow me to stream the show.

Here’s Prine, who died of complications related to Covid-19 in April, with something for ‘Everybody’.

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